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What it entails

Carpet stains are bound to occur whenever there is activity and within a room. Carpet Stain Removal Guys has stepped in to save mothers, housekeepers and cleaners from this embarrassing situation. Carpet Stain Removal Guys manufactures carpet stain removal agents that your carpet remains stainless. You can use a full bottle top of cleaning agent mixed with a litre of water and pour some of that on the stain itself, then mop the solution using a dry cloth.


Carpet stain removers

For the sake of keeping their carpets dry, different people try using varied products. Carpet Stain Removal Guys has come up with a stain removal agent that is free of side effects on the carpet. Removal agents from Carpet Stain Removal Guys are non-bleach since they maintain the original colour combination for the carpet. They are also odourless and do not stick to ensure that their use is eased to the individual who is applying them. This is a perfect combination of a perfect carpet stain removal agent that ensures both efficiency and comfort in its application.



A carpet stain may be small but a total nuisance to the cleanliness and overall appearance of the carpet. Depending on the type of stain that the carpet has, Carpet Stain Removal Guys supplies carpet stain removal agents that can only be as efficient as the timing of the process itself. For Carpet Stain Removal Guys carpet removal agents, they work best when they are applied to the stain as soon as the carpet is stained. This ensures that the sticking of the stain on the carpet is not as enhanced as would have been given more time. For instant stain removal agents, and guides on how to achieve 100% stain removal, contact us through 888-669-1134 today for guidance on the most effective stain removal process that is unrivalled in the market.

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Removal of different types of stains

There are different types of carpet stains that occur on our carpets and how simple the removal process depends on whether they are water solvent or not. Carpet Stain Removal Guys has come up with different types of carpet stain removal agents that cope with the different possible forms of carpet stains. Carpet stains being water soluble does not mean that the removal process is easy in an automatic way. Experts from Carpet Stain Removal Guys dealing with production of carpet stain removal agents, have duly noted that the water soluble stains are generally shouting, and tend to have a worse effect compared to other forms.

Water soluble stains such as food dyes, ice cream, grevy, alcoholic beverages, excrement, milk, mud, water based inks, jelly and much more can be easily and effectively removed by mixing a bottle top full of cleaning agent that is bleach free with around a half a litre of water and scrubbing the carpet using a cloth soaked in the mixing agent solution. For carpet stains that are insoluble in water such as wax, sticky oils, and glue, the use of moderate heat levelled iron box on the paper towel and the wax, fat or oil comes up the towel. Others such as nail polish require using a nail polish remover on a cloth. For other common carpet stains the removal procedure is case dependent although most of them require the use of removal agents.

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